Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Bling Pop Ring

My daughter is very inspiring when it comes to crafts.  I purchased her a Ring Pop at the new American Store in Dakar.  This is a rare delicacy here.  When she was done, she did not want to throw away her ring.  I couldn't let here keep that thing, it could take and eye out! (there is a post in the center of the base).  I also promised to make her something with beads for completing a really hard puzzle.  So necessity being the mother of invention; witness the birth of the Bling Pop Ring. 

The process: The base is covered with a large paper flower.  Cut a circle of knit material a little larger than the base and then turn under the seam and sew a largish stitch.  Then move the thread under the ring on sew your next stitch on the opposite side until you work your way around the circle. Pad the fabric with stuffing and glue a little yarn around the base to make it prettier.  Select an assortment of beads and buttons and sew on.  Voila!

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Cathy Vargas said...

I totally LOVE IT! she is so creative :)

Cathy Vargas
Vintage Girls