Monday, April 20, 2009

Children's ATC Swap

My older son recently noticed my Artist Trading Card collection and thought they were neat. He asked if he could make a couple. These are the designs we came up with; the upper left card is my younger son's "The Space Alien A", upper right is my older son's "Falling Ball" and the bottom card was designed by me, "The Trip." Artist Trading Cards are little baseball (or Pokemon) card sized artworks that are created to be given away or exchanged with others. Many cards are made of collaged items or stamped but I have cards of almost every media that can be put on some kind of paper. If you are collaging materials, I suggest recylcling some of your more interesting looking junk mail. Mirkwood Designs has a really great ATC template to print out onto cardstock to get you started.
The kids were excited to trade their cards and see what came back in the mail. I am a member of Swap-bot, so I logged on to my account and have set up a swap for the kids. Please feel free to join our Kids ATC swap. The account is free and they have many fun activities to participate in.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

New Silk Scarfs for Spring

These are my newly dyed scarfs for spring. I intended the red be more pastel. Oh well, that is how tub dyeing goes. In fact, all my dyeing jobs have resulted in surprises with no two batches being alike. I can predict a little of how it will go, for example, I know that the first dye takes the best on the back ground and the overdyes will mostly take on the foreground. I am especially pleasedwith the color combination shown on the the lowest silk scarf--yellow, turquiose and azure blue.