Monday, November 24, 2014

Thrift Treasure

I love thrifting.  It is treasure hunting, ecological, inexpensive (if you just buy what you need) and appeals to my creativity.  I think I have found a terrific treasure. 
First, a little background.  We have just moved into a new house and the kids are getting their own rooms.  I have been working on a series of projects to reflect each of their personalities. The little one predictably wants a PINK and PURPLE room.  Preferably with FROZEN princesses everywhere and a lot of glitter thrown in to boot. 
Pinterest has a lot of great ideas for updating thrift projects.  And I found a terrific update for my little girl's room, a chandelier, can you get more princess than that?

Check out this old brash finish chandelier I found at the thrift store.  In this photo I am starting to remove the glass panels by melting the solder between the panels and gently pulling them out.  It took a bit of patience with my trusty soldering iron but I managed it with no prior experience.  I am setting them aside--maybe I will be able to make something with them?
Here you can see all of the glass pieces off.
And here is the finished piece, pink, per request.  I sprayed it with Krylon Paint plus Primer glossy pink.  It is pretty tricky to get an even coat on such a detailed piece.  After the paint was dry, my daughter and I went to the store and picked out the embellishments; beads to hang for sparkle and cording to trim the area on the platform the beads are hanging from.  I also painted the 'candlesticks' with turquoise glitter.  The last touch was to purchase dimmable LED bulbs.  Her room has a dimmer and regular LEDs do not dim well.  OK, really the last touch was to hang the lamp but that was Dad's job.  Thanks Dad!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Stripey Walls and Ornaments

The two for one fat quarter sale at Spoonflower has been extended one day so head on over there because the twelfth is the last day.  While you are on the site, please consider voting in the Ornaments giftwrap contest.  My entry is simple and a little retro with silver tinsel in the background.
Snowflake Ornament Bright
As you know from a previous post we are getting settled in to our Michigan home.  Sadly, though, we still do not have our household effects from Africa.  This means that we are all sleeping on the floor until they arrive.  The best thing about that is that instead of unpacking I can focus on other aspects of decorating, like the nightstand remake from my previous post or painting my eldest son's bedroom.  
A little oldest son was not very happy with the house we selected.  He feels crowded with all of the trees surrounding us but the biggest problem is the lack of basketball hoop. Pretty much every other house we looked at had one, except this one.  All of the flat parts of the yard are right next to big windows and we are up on a hill, so there isn't really a good place to install one. We offered him a budget to decorate his bedroom so at least he feels like he has some space his own.
My son decided he wanted a grey room with a blue feature wall.  At the paint store he selected seven blues but just could not not narrow it down.  He decided he needed little 8oz samples of all of them so he could get a feel for which would look better with the grey.  Still he couldn't decide.  So I suggested we find a way to use all of them.  That is how we ended up painting the subtle hombre stripes seen in the picture below.  He is pretty happy with how it came out.  I used this tutorial to get really clean lines.  And now you also know why his bed is on the floor.  :)

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Upcycled Nightstand & Fat Quarter Sale

I purchased this nightstand as well as several other pieces of furniture for my daughter's bedroom.  She needed us to acquire almost everything since when we left Maryland she was still an infant.
The photo above does not reflect how this nightstand looked when I purchased it.  I was so excited to get started, I forgot to take a photo of the 'before' view.  The nightstand was painted in white matte paint and had a baby blue and leaf green sponged overlay.  Since that was not quite the look I was going for, I spray painted it with white gloss Krylon paint plus primer. 
I knew as soon as Spoonflower announced their ballet contest theme I could work with the design in her room.  She is such a girly girl and loves ballet and princesses.  So, I purchased a 2ft piece of Graceful 1950's Ballerinas in Turquoise and Coral wallpaper (they sell wallpaper by the foot) of my ballet design from Spoonflower to upcycle the drawers.  The process is really quite easy and instructions come with the wallpaper.  The hardest part was embossing the wallpaper around the rectangular ridge on the drawers.  When I was done, I had enough paper left over to also add a wallpaper inset to the top. I added new drawer pulls.

In other news, Spoonflower has 2 for 1 fat quarters starting tomorrow and the sale runs Nov 6-11.
I plan on purchasing some knit fabric in Hexie Roses Deep Hues and the coordinate Profusion of Roses in Red  to make a dress or leggings for my daughter.  I plan on covering some dining room chair cushions in Yellow Wagtail Birds on Dogwood Branches in one of the heavier polyesters.  Many of the knits and polyesters are 56 inches wide.  That makes a pretty big fat quarter.  You can find out the specs on the different fabric types here.  I bet you have some projects that you could use this sale for too.

Profusion of Roses in Red
Yellow Wagtail Birds on Dogwood Branches
Hexie Roses Deep Hues