Thursday, April 28, 2011

Mermaid ATC

This Mermaid ATC is for a resend.  All of the items I mailed that day through the South African post have disappeared.  This mermaid is in colored pencil with glitter paint.  She is based on a contortionist.

Monday, April 18, 2011

South African Fashion I

South Africa is called the Rainbow Nation because of all of the different peoples that live here. This post highlights the fashions of a particular people, the Afrikaners. The Afrikaners are the descendants of primarily Dutch peoples who have lived in South Africa since 1652 but spread through-out South Africa in the early-mid 1800.

Women wear youthful, feminine, layered clothing. Skirts with leggings or a wide-leg pants are popular. Clothing materials feature a lot of flowing fabrics such as jersey and velvet. Sheers are very popular as well--lace, tulle and organza. The effect is very lovely.  In the pictures above, women from the shop Signorina's exemplify the autumn version this style.  As for shoes, ballet flats are quite common and until recently, Roman sandals were everywhere but the change of the season has brought out knee high boots in full force. Most women also are carrying very large baggy purses.

Men's clothing tend to be skinny pants, fitted shirts--jersey or button down and scarves are popular--even before the weather grew chilly.

Hair dye is very popular with both men and women. Bold black and blondes seem to be the most popular colors. Foiling is frequently seen. Women put a lot of thought into their hair whether short and asymmetrical or long and layered. Men's hair is short and spiky with a slight mohawk feel or cut close to the head.  Click this link or this one to see some realistic hairstyles.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Snowy Owl ATCs

The weather is getting cooler here in South Africa so I was inspired to do more wintry themed owls.  These ATCs are drawn entirely in colored pencil.  Both owls are North American species.  The owl on the left is a Snowy Owl and is after Stow Wegenroth's Matriarch.  The owl on the right is a Barred Owl. 
You can see a copy of Wegenroth's print Matriarch at the Old Print Shop (bottom of the page.)  As an aside, I was offered a job at their Georgetown location when I was working at Creighton Davis Gallery

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Weaver Bird & Nest

This is second in the series of bird stamps I am creating.  The first was the Scops Owl and this is the Weaver bird with its nest.  I photographed this bird on my street when I just arrived in September (spring in South Africa.)  The Weaver bird has a bright yellow mating plumage and this one was near its nest in a Fever tree.  The artist trading card is the stamped image with color pencil.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

On a bit of a roll


Two more ATC's.
The top is colored pencil and ink on layered tissue paper over recycled junk mail.  The recipient in interested in Ancient Egypt so this is Sehkmet breathing on a representation of Ib--one of the 5 parts of the soul representing the heart.  The ATC on the right is based on a vintage artsy nude with collage, colored pencils and beads.  The words on the card are Who is this flower before me?  And what is the work of this God?  It is taken from a prayer known as the HA prayer.                                                

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Owls & Project Selvage Update

These are North American owls, the Eastern Screech owl, and the Northern Saw-whet owl.  These ATCs (artist trading cards) are watercolor and pen drawings.
I didn't make it as a finalist in Project Selvage.  It was not surprising to me once I looked at the body of 968 entries.  I will keep on working on my fabric design to bring it up to the level of the finalists.  Tami Levin of my online doll-making group, DollStreetDreamers, did make it as a finalist.  I hope you take time to vote on the entries.  Make sure you also check out her beautiful art on her blog.