Monday, February 9, 2015

Fierce Little Rose

This week's post features more sewing for my daughter.  She is still really into pink, so, while I have other colors of this design in my shop I went with her favorites.  I made two items for her in organic cotton knit, a drop waist dress with a Peter Pan collar and scalloped skirt and a pair of pants with a tuxedo strip.  I just love this photo of her looking fierce.
For the dress I used two of my designs, Hexie Roses Deep Hues (the top) and Profusion of Roses in Reds (the skirt.)  For the accents, I used Damask Matisse Style by littlerhodydesign.
The pants have a flower button waistband and use my Hexie Roses Deep Hues design and littlerhodydesign's Damask Matisse Style for the tuxedo stripe.
 My daughter is such a fun model it provides and extra incentive to sew for her.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Spring Romance

This week I am highlighting some of my more romantic inspired fabrics.  First of all is my entry into the Steampunk Valentine contest.  It was inspired by Victorian valentines and Steampunk costumes.  I love the playfulness of Steampunk.  I even included my favorite Steampunk singer, Professor Elemental, because he has a song that just makes me so happy.  Please consider voting.  The design will be available as fabric, wallpaper or giftwrap within a month.  Let me know if you need it sooner.
These next designs are not Steampunk but they are all about the beginning of spring.  They are inspired by heart shapes, flowers and the little florets on the trees as they begin to blossom.  These fabrics are available in my Spoonflower shop.