Monday, February 9, 2015

Fierce Little Rose

This week's post features more sewing for my daughter.  She is still really into pink, so, while I have other colors of this design in my shop I went with her favorites.  I made two items for her in organic cotton knit, a drop waist dress with a Peter Pan collar and scalloped skirt and a pair of pants with a tuxedo strip.  I just love this photo of her looking fierce.
For the dress I used two of my designs, Hexie Roses Deep Hues (the top) and Profusion of Roses in Reds (the skirt.)  For the accents, I used Damask Matisse Style by littlerhodydesign.
The pants have a flower button waistband and use my Hexie Roses Deep Hues design and littlerhodydesign's Damask Matisse Style for the tuxedo stripe.
 My daughter is such a fun model it provides and extra incentive to sew for her.

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