Monday, November 30, 2015

Artist Profile: Candy Joyce and How to Sew a Cute, Breezy Jumper.

Candy Joyce is a designer and illustrator from the United Kingdom. She is one of my colleagues at Spoonflower and also has a shop of home goods at Envelope.  Her work has a graphic sensibility and she is inspired by mathematical sequences, such as Fibonacci. 
Candy Joyce enjoys a good zombie and that has inspired her to design zombie dolls.  You can see a sample of the reversible dolls found at her website on this video.  Evil clowns are a natural subject for a zombie doll.

I entered a contest sponsored by Candy Joyce and won one free yard of fabric.  My daughter and I looked through her portfolio on Spoonflower and selected Spring Stitch Flowers.
My daughter's jumper was super easy to make.  You will want to measure the length of the jumper from shoulder to waist and waist to ankle (or desired length of pant leg.)  The pant legs should be about 2x leg width tapering to a loose waist. The leg holes are elasticized but only loosely.  I have tabs at the waist for alignment but it would also be a great place to add an elasticized waist.  Top should be a little wide.  The shoulders are sew 2 inches on each side, allowing the front neck to drape.  This drape also allows the child to put on the jumper without need of zippers or buttons.  The waist tie is optional.
If you like Candy Joyce's fabric or would like to get another (such as one of mine,) Spoonflower has free Worldwide shipping for 24 hours beginning 9am EST, Monday, November 30.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Ghana Fish Market, Star Dress and Animal Families

Myrtle Dress at the fish market
Yesterday, I got out of the house and went to visit the international fish market in Tema, Ghana, a waterfront and factory town outside of Accra.  I have been to a couple of other markets in other countries and this one was cleaner and less chaotic than most.  Although, anyone planning on going should be aware you may be mobbed as soon as you exit your vehicle.  It might also be a good idea to know what you want to buy before you get there.  This is not a market to casually stroll.
Kai the fisherwoman cleaning some Tilapia
 In addition to the fish market, I visited a couple of Korean grocery stores, a German butcher shop and had a very nice lunch at a Korean restaurant.  The town felt very relaxing because there is more space between buildings and lacked the close packed feeling of the city.
Another version of Star Attraction
I wore my the dress I just finished sewing the night before from Sprout Patterns.  Sprout Patterns is a new service from Spoonflower.  At Sprout Patterns you can select a Spoonflower fabric which is preprinted with the cut and sew pattern.  I am wearing the Myrtle Dress from Colette Patterns with my own design Star Attraction in Mint and Deep Teal.
Today, 1 day only, this pattern is available for 25% off.  Other patterns will be on sale at Sprout Patterns until Thursday, November 26.
Also today, a new Spoonflower contest begins with the theme Family Portraits.  My entry is based on animal families of the American southwest.  Pictured here are the quail, armadillo, prairie dogs, porcupine and black tailed jack rabbit.  This pattern coordinates with others in my Southwest Animals collections.  Please consider voting.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Barbells and Cheap Fat Quarters

One of the best things for me about living over seas it that I have more time to exercise.  It really helps that I live walking distance from my gym.  Last year with my children at three different schools, with three difference schedules, it was very hard for me to keep up with their schedules and also exercise.  Another benefit is that my oldest boy and I spend more time together now since running and using the equipment are two of his favorite things.
This week's Spoonflower contest theme is fitness, so here is my entry, African Mod Barbells Allover Blue and Green, which I have made into a scarf on Poly Crepe de Chine.  Please consider voting.
Also at Spoonflower this week, until noon EST Thursday, November 12th is half priced fat quarters.  Great time to stock up!