Thursday, May 22, 2014

Sewing Friends & Dresses

My sewing friends
 Today was a sad but sweet day with my sewing group.  A couple of my friends are leaving the country within the next few days.  We have had such a lovely time working on projects together and giving each other support.  We bring our backgrounds and talents from all over the world.  We are from Mauritius, Belgium, Portugal, USA, Germany and Senegal. 
Today, Arlette's gift to us was Yassa Poulet, a traditional and delicious Senegalese dish.  You can find a recipe here but I won't guarantee it will be as good as Arlette's.  We exchanged gifts and the watercolor portraits above were my gift to my friends.  It is has been a great couple of years together.  Below, Sigrid and Maria are wearing dresses made from some of my fabric designs.  Sigrid is wearing African Lace in Midnight Blue printed on Cotton Silk.  Maria is wearing Circus Tiles on Violet printed on Kona Cotton.  These and other designs can be found in my Spoonflower shop.
Stylin' Sigrid in a 1940's dress

Sexy knitter Maria

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