Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Penney Candy--Boutique Inspired Sewing Project

My daughter is getting bigger and I have been looking into purchasing some new items for her.  While browsing the Internet I discovered some interesting children's boutique clothing. Some of the boutique children’s clothing designers like Servane Barrau and Matilda Jane have inspired me.  My budget doesn't let me pay some of the prices I see listed for their items so I thought I would try to sew the look myself.
I purchased four fat quarters of organic cotton knits inspired by Japanese fabric design from Spoonflower and decided to design my own 'boutique' clothing for my young daughter.  The four fabrics I purchased were the charcol grey  Kotatsu Floral by toothpanda, the colorful VINTAGE KIMONO PATCHWORK - SWEET AND BRIGHT by lucypatterson, teal and peach Peach puffs by su_g and the peachy kimono - bubblegum pop by monmeehan.
As design inspiration for the pants I used the DIY Mommy blog entry on the double ruffle legging  and modified it to widen the pant leg. I took the basic measurements from a pair of my daughter’s leggings and drew a line straight down from the crotch for the inseam and drafted a line from the hip out at an angle for the outside edge.  I also added extra width to the back of pant leg and narrowed the front pant leg so I could get the wrap around effect.
I began with a sample of my daughters clothing for the shirt as well only this time I used two different shirts to integrate elements I liked from each one.  I then added my own sleeve style and the pocket.
Fun stuff!  I even made a label for my “clothing line;” Penney Candy.

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Diann said...

Penney, that is GORGEOUS!!! I love it!