Thursday, March 31, 2016

Ghanain Artist Profile and Class with Oko-Matey

Our teacher, Oko-Matey, speaking. 
Eat and Paint is an events group combining creating art and dinner organized the sculpting and painting workshop I attended.  The session was led by Artist Oko-Matey a graduate and former Lecturer at College of Art at the Kwame Nikrumah University in Kumasi.   He recently returned from a fellowship in Oakton, Wisconsin.  His artwork combines relief sculpture and painting on wood, cement, and metal.  Oko-Matey focuses on integrating traditional themes of Ghanaian visual art into a contemporary idiom.
We explored woodcarving and painting on a plank of wood with.  In addition to this enjoyable class we were all treated to an excellent, gourmet dinner at the Roots Hotel Apartment Sky Deli.   You can contact Eat and Paint here or call Fredrick, 027 442 0466. Photo essay below.
Oko-Matey's painted and carved work.

Plank series by Oko-Matey, paint on sculpted wood.

A prepared sample plank by Oko-Matey.
Our planks set up for our class.
Carving and painting supplies prepared.

We begin with some sketches on the plank in chalk.

Getting started on my plank.
A couple participants with gouges (the cutting tool)
and wood to pound it to carve into the wood.

A break for some dinner, spicy chilled soup,
wine (not shown) and various finger foods.
Crème Brule or rice pudding for dessert.
Don't let the small plate fool you.  There was plenty. 
My painting complete! I call it Love Maybe.

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