Friday, January 29, 2016

Artist Profile: Susan Strangway

Canadian artist Susan Strangway's art is hard not to notice.  Her playful designs and color really bowled me over.
I asked Susan if she had a philosophy to her work and she responded "to me art is life and life is art."  She said her biggest artistic statement is her home. 

The home of Susan Strangway and Weave Cleaveland is filled with her fabric, art, altered items and unique vision to a beautiful, whimsical effect. 
The couple owned a beautiful Art Deco home which was well loved in their community.  Sadly, the home was too delerlict and needed to be torn down.  The couple then built a new home which became the canvas to their unique vision.
They were approached this last holiday season to open their home to tours for charity for the Nite of Hope breast cancer fundraiser along with other community homes.  See below for your own mini virtual tour.

Susan and her dog
Susan's home may be her favorite canvas, however she continues to work on other projects.  She designs fabrics on Spoonflower, creates items to sell such as tea towels and aprons and has been commissioned to create embroidery designs.

My family considers itself lucky that we have access to Susan's work via her Spoonflower shop called Orangefancy.  My daughter loves her new Strawberry Dance lycra dance leggings.

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