Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Trashy Art

I am fortunate enough to live near the beach and take frequent walk within view of the ocean.  I also live in Senegal which means that unfortunately the view on those walks are marred by rubbish.  Sadly, many Senegalese drop their rubbish everywhere.  My children are disturbed by this also and so on one of our walks, I suggested that we pick up some of the trash and see if we can turn it into something beautiful. 
We picked up some interesting bits and washed and bleached them.  Many of the pieces can be seen on the green tray pictured above.  
We next prepared trays of gelatin (great instructions here.)  We used opaque and transparent textile paints and either painted our gelatin surfaces or objects and laid silk over surfaces.  We also utilized the ghost images.  Below is a series of some of the most interesting prints we created.  If you decide to do a project like this with your kids, make sure you have plastic gloves, aprons and clothes you are unworried about staining.  Clean up supplies should be close at hand as well.  

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