Monday, June 4, 2012

Collaborative Color Block Quilt

Margaret, pictured above, is my part time housekeeper.  In addition to helping my home be cleaner than it has ever been Margaret has helped me with quiltmaking activities:  prewashing fabrics, ironing and cutting squares.  She seemed to enjoy my quilts so I invited her to go through my fabric stash.  We discussed the colors she liked and how to have a framework of color and pattern to give the quilt some unity.  She cut out all the squares and we collaborated on the layout. 
Thanks to you Margaret for all you do to help our family!
An aside, this blog is likely to see a surge in posting over the next couple of weeks and then a couple of months of silence.  Our family is getting ready to move and will be traveling before we settle in our new home, Senegal.  I have enjoyed my time in South Africa and will miss my new friends, including Margaret.

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