Tuesday, January 17, 2012

And Now For a Magic Trick: The Disappearing Nine Patch

Now that I have mastered a simple quilt style  I have decided to move on to something more complicated, the Disappearing Nine Patch.  (Thanks to my friend Beth for mentioning this pattern to me)  A very good tutorial for this quilt style is found here.
This is a small quilt (54 x 54 in) for my little daughter.  I have selected from my stash of Asian fabrics and picked out some Kawaii inspired animal prints from Spoonflower designers and, of course, added one of my designs.  Like Allison mentions in her tutorial, I eyeballed the middle cuts for the nine patch.  I really recommend measuring it---if you look, you can see where some of my seams are off.  I actually quilted this one since it was so small but will hiring someone with a longarm machine when I sew larger blankets.
Spoonflower designs in my quilt:
A. Protea Petals Pink by bloomingwyldeiris
B. Cute Creatures by indescribble
C. Cherry Blossom Bambi Pink Aqua by zesti
D. Super Cute Kawaii by marcelinesmith
E.  Run Bumbi Run by killer_tomato

The next quilt top will likely be for Margaret for all of her help cutting out squares.  I will begin cutting my younger son's material as well.  He is going for a watery theme.

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