Tuesday, February 1, 2011

More Experimentation with Fabric Design

As I am exploring fabric design further, one of the first questions I come to is how to I get my design to repeat? I am very interested in creating a fluid design that does not look like little bricks stacked together (as my previous test piece would if printed.) When I'm looking for knowledge, I do what everyone does, I Google it. Here is an excellent tutorial on repeating designs. Creating repeating designs is not as difficult as I thought it would be however, without this tutorial, I would have ended up deconstructing a bit of fabric and probably arrived at the same information the hard way. Tip: cut your paper really straight when quartering it.

My design below is based on protea flower petals. Proteas are the national flower of South Africa, the country I am currently living in. The first photo is the sample and second the repeat.
As usual all of my designs are copy written, please contact me if you would like to use them.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely lovely in color and design. I would buy this and make a quilt using these protea petals.

Wylde Iris said...

Thank you, that is very sweet and I may make the pattern public. I have to get a test swatch made first.