Thursday, February 27, 2014

Senegalese Art Spotlight: Accent Galerie with Mamadou Guèye and Claudia Braunchweig

Mamadou Guèye
Accent Galerie in Toubab Dialaw features the artwork of Mamadou Guèye and Claudia Braunchweig.  The gallery was built by Claudia and Mamadou next to their personal residence.  They were gracious enough to host the Dakar Women's Group Art Committee and even gave us tea in the garden.
Accent Galerie
Mamadou, also known as Madou, is a self taught artist.  His formal training is as a geologist and his work give him access to core samples from which he can gather the pigments.  He paints with pigments mixed with acrylic paint.  The effect is a subtly textured painting that reminds one of cave paintings.  Madou work reflects his professional interest in earth and stone and his intimate knowledge of the African landscape.  Mamadou has exhibited with the Biennale’s OFF exhibit in past years.  (Click here for info on this year's Biennale.)
pigments from a core drill
Claudia once owned a antiques shop in Germany and her experience in home decor is clear when one looks around the gallery.  She has created many art objects strategically placed around the gallery.  Many of her ideas are simple yet elegant. The items are also reasonably priced.  To visit Accent Galerie, call Claudia to schedule an appointment and get directions, (221) 77 653 1264 or (221) 33 836 3531.
Following the gallery visit we had lunch at the Sobo Bade.  Sobo Bade is a hotel with restaurant and embedded with little quirks and objects d' art everywhere you look.  We had a lovely lunch right by the ocean.  All in all it was a wonderful outing and I recommend it if you are looking for a short trip outside Dakar.

the studio
Sobo Bade
Madou's painting with subtle textures
more paintings by Madou
decor by Claudia

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