Thursday, January 9, 2014

Spring Floral Hex Cheater Quilt

Floral Hex Cheater Quilt Mock-up Flat, queen size
Floral Hex Cheater Quilt Square, fq

Floral Hex Cheater Quilt Center, 1 yard
With the New Year I am back to participating in Spoonflower's Fabric Design Contests.  This week's entry is for a spring floral themed cheater quilt square.  A cheater quilt is a printed fabric that looks like a pieced quilt.  It allows a quilter to skip the piecing and quilt the layers.  Floral Hex Cheater Quilt Square is my submission to this week's contest.  It uses the limited color palette Spoonflower has selected for the entries and fits a fat quarter of fabric.  Please consider voting for my entry here.  If you do vote, deciding who to vote for will be particularly hard in this contest.  There are so many excellent entries.
Horizontal Floral Hex Cheater Quilt Chevrons
Vertical Floral Hex Cheater Quilt Chevrons
 I decided that along with designing the quilt square, I would also design other coordinating components to create a easy quilt.  The top right photo shows a mock up using my elements. On the bottom, is a sample mock-up as it might look on a bed. The Floral Hex Cheater Quilt Center is a one yard design.  The Chevron designs are basic repeating patterns.  All designs can be used on their own.  If you are interested in creating this quilt, please visit my Spoonflower shop.  The fabrics will be available for sale soon.

Floral Hex Cheater Quilt Mock-up

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