Friday, October 18, 2013

And What Better Time For Fairies?

The Fairy Market: Bartering with the Apple of Time by Penney Hughes, 2013, all rights reserved
With the lunar eclipse tomorrow and Halloween just around the corner, this painting seems to fit the season.  I painted this in September at the same time at the Tree ATC series.  As in the tree series the background has a metallic sheen. The imagery in this painting is a mixture of my middle child's description of his dreams and my own imagination.  In his dream he visits a fairy market.  The white suit is his disguise to allow him to walk freely.  While he is in the fairy market he trades for luck which he says is the same as gambling.    It is strongly inspired by one of my one my favorite artists, Remedios Varo.  You can get a sense of her work at this site.
This is only the second painting I have done for at least ten years. 

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