Thursday, December 13, 2012

Senegalese Print Palazzo Pants

A few years ago I was at an event for artists of many different media and I remember having a conversation with a man who suggested that clothing could be designed just by draping, pinning.  Whoa, I was just learning how to sew and that was a mind-blowing idea. No pattern?  Well, voila, here are some pants I conceived the idea of and used a combination of the draping method and modeling them on some boot cut pants, that, well, fit my booty.  The legs, of course, in Palazzo pants style angle out from the fitted hips to the ankles.  The result is they are very comfortable and dressy. 
Senegalese fabric is just so great.  Check out the print. The back side of the fabric is the same print but without the metallic gold.  I have made the pants 100% reversible so I can wear them casually if I choose. 

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Anonymous said...

your floral palazzopants are very beautiful iklike the colior design and they look great on you