Monday, April 2, 2012

Irises and Zeus

I seem to often be creating ATCs whose themes have strange connections.  In this case, Irises, symbols of the French monarchy aka Fleur de Lis and Zeus known as king or at least the head of the Greek Gods depending on the governing of Greece at the time. 
I created the Iris cards using the tissue paper and gel glue technique described with the poppy cards in my earlier post.  The insects are reprints from E. A. Seguy insect prints. The blue beetle is coated with high gloss varnish for a little contrast.

The Zeus ATC is the only ATC I have drawn entirely in pencil.  I combined the torso of a male Greek model I found online with some traditional images of Zeus and images of Bill Clinton.  Zeus's traditional symbols of lightening and the eagle are in the background.   During the Clinton's Monica Lewinsky scandal, I once heard a pundit saying that Clinton's cheating on his wife was to be expected since we would want a virile, charismatic president.  Maybe this is what the Greeks thought?

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