Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Jewelry Making with the kids

My boys and I embarked on another art project.  Most of the projects we do really have to take no more than a couple of hours or they loose interest.  Jewelry making can be a very satisfying short term project.  In this case we decided to make birthday presents for my sister.  My seven year old boy came up with the idea.  He loves any excuse to visit the bead shop.  
At the bead shop, he and I collected our beads while my oldest ran interference with the baby.  I was selecting beads to make a bracelet similar to one I 've made before that is much complimented.  My boy just knew he wanted to make a long, blue necklace.
After dinner, we settled down to make the jewelry and my nine year old boy decides he wants to make something too.  We dig around my stash and he decides to create earrings.  (I have never made them before.)  I am quite proud of the boys.  Hope my sister enjoys her new jewelry.

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