Wednesday, February 18, 2009

New Glass work

Recently I took another class with the wonderful Tina Van Pelt of Artist on the Avenue. The photo above is what I brought home. On the top left piece is silver foil on white reactive glass. The yellow color in the pendant is all from the chemical reaction of the foil with the glass. The sea themed piece with the little seahorse is created from copper foil; the color of the copper deepens to the deep red in the kiln. The lower left piece is a simple piece of dichromatic glass fused with a red background. The lower left is another fused glass face. I am still working with a fused glass face from last year to make a embroidered, beaded stump doll which I hope to have done in the next month or so.


Anonymous said...

Penney...just another avenue to display your artistic abilities! You seem to have success with all mediums! Dawne

Wylde Iris said...