Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Becky Holloway's Willow Wisp

Whew, I just finished a new doll. I started her the end of December. The torso has nine parts, so the body is much more tailored than with some patterns. I just love this pattern and may do another with purple and blue color scheme. Willow Wisp is not a good pattern for beginners but an intermediate dollmaker would find her a challenge.

I am donating Willow Wisp to a charity ball silent auction for Open Hearth Foundation. Per usual my images are copywritten.


Judy said...

You did a wonderful job on this fairy! Love the pose. :o)


Cheryl said...

I have this pattern and have really wanted to make her. She turned out lovely. The detail in her feet looks great. I think your beading looks really good and her face is really nice. Kind of soft and gives you an ephemeral(sp) feel. My faces are always really there so I really appreciate the quality you achieved and the demeanor it gives her. I like her rather messy hair and not too much of it either. Very nice....you done Becky proud. Can't believe all those pieces in such a small doll. She should be fun. She should bring a good price at the auction.

Wylde Iris said...

Thank you Judy, thank you Cheryl. I appreciate your comments.