Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Artist Profile: DC Glass Artists

Margaret Halpin, Katherine Thomas, Anita Merina 
The four glass artists, Margaret Halpin, Merrilee Harrigan, Anita Merina, and Katherine Thomas display the vast range of visual possibilities in glasswork in the newest exhibit, "For Love of Glass", at Paint Branch Unitarian Universalist Church in Adelphi, Maryland, through March 18.
Each of the four artists show's her own style and preferences for techniques.  There is something for all tastes, painterly landscape and abstract works, bold craftsman style pieces and collaged and layered pictures. 
Glass is a tricky medium, brittle, heavy and often unpredictable, it is also a medium that plays beautifully with light.  Many of the works hung in on the Paint Branch UU walls were difficult to photograph, beyond my skill to capture the beautiful interplay of the lights from the skylights, windows and spotlights.  I definitely recommend that you try to stop by for a viewing.  Possibly schedule your viewing during one of their artist talks and learn even more about working in glass.
How did they do that?   Learn more on March 4 and March 18, DC Glass Artists will demonstrate  and discuss the techniques they use to create many of the beautiful pieces in the Paint Branch Exhibit For Love of Glass. They will bring samples and explain the magic that occurs in the high heat of the kiln.

March 4:  Fusing with silver, creating shapes on iridized glass, making glass stacks and reactions, and pattern bars

March 18:  Creating glass jewelry, screen printing and powder printing on glass, glass strips and more reactions.

The artist talks will take place 11:45 - 1 pm.
Find out more on their website or Facebook page.

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